7 Features That Define How Ergonomic Your Chair Is.

From prolonged sitting comfort to a once-in-awhile rotating game, chair ergonomics determine how convenient your life can be.

With most of us spending hours sitting, you must choose relief over constant back pain with ergonomically sound office chairs.

But, how will you know which chair couples aesthetics with comfort perfectly?

Here’re the features to help you rate your chairs for their user-friendliness!

1. Height of your seat

No, no.

It’s not your height, instead of the chairs’. So, for maximum comfort, your sitting furniture should allow you to place your feet on the ground while working on your keyboard comfortably.

That’s to say, an optimum height of 16-21 inches works the best for a majority of the people. However, a great chair shall always let you feel like ‘on top of the world’ with an adjustable sitting cushion.

2. Depth and width of your chair

Too far forward, and you’ll feel the pressure at the back of your knees.

Too close behind and you won’t be able to reach your table.

That’s why the correct difference between the edge and the back of the chair is essential for your comfort.

3. Seat tilt maneuverability

Call it your mother’s usual complaint or your posture problem, the incorrectly tilted chair adds to it. Anyone with long sitting hours can vouch for the back troubles it brings. An ergonomically sound chair helps you get rid of stress on your back and enhances your productivity.

After all, why would you waste the work left on a doctor’s visit when you can spend it on vacation?

4. Backrest support

The lumbar support is the most crucial element of the ergonomic chair. It offers your lower back proper support, but it also ensures the natural ‘S’ shape of your spine. The optimum the chair curve, the healthier your backbone will be in the long run.

5. Armrest and Headrest

These vital chair add-ons help reduce the pressure on your shoulders and upper torso. A good armrest will ensure better typing and keyboard usage. On top of it, it’ll also allow sufficient arm movement for blood circulation.

Additionally, the backrest lets your neck take some rest from the constant slumping and front inclination.

6. Building Material

If you have ever found your seating cushion moist after standing up, you know how important breathable design is in a chair. The building material defines how comfortable the user will feel while sitting on the same furniture. Essentially, a high-end ergonomic chair will never let you sweat for comfort.

7. Wheels

During your workflow, interrupted comfort is essential. The wheels on your chair let you receive the convenience of sitting and mobility altogether.

With that being said, you need to choose the right wheel material based on the floor in your workspace. For instance, a soft wheel will work better on hard surfaces.

In a nutshell.

Ergonomically sound office chairs can turn your work productivity high while reducing back pain from improved posture to convenient support. Good seating furniture will allow you maximum comfort with high maneuverability. You need to analyse your chair against all the essential features if satisfaction and convenience are your priority.

Don’t sit around anymore! Grab your favourite ergonomic office chair today.

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