4 UGG Boots Outfits for a Chic and Cosy Winter

Coming to think of it, it’s impressive how versatility, simplicity, and sophistication can all entail within three letters. Yes, from its snuggly apparel to cosy house slippers and signature boots, UGG is a brand that has secured for itself a name people admire, love, and look up to.

As Australian as UGGs? Yes and no, since the classic boots from the brand is popular not only in the country of origin but worldwide. But are you out of ideas to pair your favourite UGGs for that evergreen look?

If yes, read on to discover four outfit ideas everyone can pull off for a UGG-inspired cosy Aussie winter.

1. There’s No Going Wrong with Jeans

As cliché as this may sound, UGGs and jeans are as much a match made in sartorial heaven as the pairing of knee-high boots and oversized sweaters. But, is your mind swift to drift toward skinny jeans tucked into the boots?

While that is one way to pair the boots, you can freely explore other denim options like mom jeans, wide-legged jeans, boyfriend jeans, and even bootcut jeans. All you might need to do is to stack, roll, or cuff the jeans, as the case may be.

2. Choose the Not-So-Obvious Choice – Leggings

While denim bottoms are the most apparent pair for UGGs, don’t count out leggings altogether. Pulling off leggings and UGG boots is easier than you think.

Perhaps opt for a monochrome look with a belted overcoat, leggings, and boots. You can also throw on a baggy graphic tee and a coat over the leggings before putting on boots in a contrasting colour. If the weather’s getting cooler still, put on a cosy sweater topped with a bomber jacket and some black leggings and tie the look by colour-matching the UGGs with the bomber jacket.

3. Opt for an Unconventional Pairing with a Dress or Skirt

Your UGGs, when paired with a maxi skirt or a long, flowy dress, will only challenge the norm that formal wear always calls for formal footwear. There is nothing cosier than this soft, delicate duo.

Besides the maxis, you can also look copacetic by pairing the UGGs with an earth-toned shirtdress or a plaid, winter-friendly skirt topped by seasonal staples like a collared sweater and a jacket. And if you wish to make the look more fun, perhaps pop on some contrasting-coloured socks that peek over your UGGs!

4. Choose the Go-to Errand Look

As timeless as the jeans look and as plush as the others are the combination of sweatsuits with UGGs. Maybe you simply need to run a quick errand or two – to the nearby grocery store or to withdraw some money from the ATM, among others.

Why waste time picking out an entire outfit? Simply pop on some cosy UGGs under your sweatsuit. If you wish to make the look less lounge-friendly, throw on a chic trench coat and some dark sunglasses, and you’re good to go!

UGGs – The Reason for the Season!

Acting as a fuzzy and warm swaddle for your feet, UGGs can help you step up your fashion game during the chilly months of the year. These boots are also becoming the unofficial cosy shoes of Hollywood as more and more celebrities embrace the timeless UGG look.

Just make sure you choose a reliable manufacturer who deals in 100% authentic Australian UGGs made using twin-faced sheepskin.

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