What Will Happen If You Don’t Change Your Gym Clothes?

Every gym enthusiast will acknowledge the fact that “gym clothing is extremely comfortable.”

Indeed, once you wear your gym clothes, it feels so comfy that you don’t want to take them off. After working out, you will find various Aussies running errands in their gym apparel.

But did you know that it is toxic for your body to wear sweaty workout gear post-exercise? You can experience bacterial infections, inflammation, gross smell, and much more if you do so. Sweaty attires can damage your skin, leading to cystic body acne.

Do you want to know more about the consequences? Read on!

#1. It Can Lead to Cystic Body Acne

When you sweat in the gym and burn calories, the pores on your skin get clogged. Once it dries, it creates a sticky layer that absorbs dirt and dust from the environment.

As you go out into the streets of your city, the pollution will start sticking to your body and clogging the pores even more. Therefore, these elements will eventually lead to acne breakout.

#2. You Can Risk Bacterial Infection

There’s a reason why you have been asked to keep yourself clean ever since you were a child. The dirty wet sweat is a haven for bacteria build-up.

If you don’t remove wet gym clothes, your body will be filled with bacteria from various gym equipment you have touched. Moreover, the bacteria will latch onto your wet clothes and multiply. It can lead to multiple skin infections arising from bacteria, including staph.

#3. There Will Be Inflammation of Your Hair Follicles

If you keep your gym apparel on your body for a prolonged period, it can lead to inflammation on your skin and cause lesions and irritation of the hair follicles on your skin.

The hair follicles will get irritated, creating red bumps all over your body, and it can lead to serious folliculitis that can turn severe if left untreated. So, it would be best not to move around in your dirty gym clothes for prolonged periods.

#4. Your Clothes Will Smell

The sweaty smell will never disappear if you fail to wash your gym clothes or take them off, and it will lead to fungal infections in your armpits and shoes. Due to the tight materials of gym clothes, the odour transfer is minimal.

So, synthetic clothes will hang on to that smell for eternity. Even though the clothes will dry, the disgusting smell will remain.

Your sneakers will become extraordinarily smelly and unhygienic. Furthermore, your clothes would become unwearable.

#5. It Might Lead to Conjunctivitis

It may seem unlikely, but your dirty, sweat and overworn gym apparel can cause pink eye. Bacteria and fungus can creep their way into other parts of your body if you sleep in such clothes.

Indeed, if you keep your gym clothes on for a long time and go to sleep in them, you are likely to wake up with a swollen eye. It happens when the gym clothes transfer the bacteria to your vision and create that irritating conjunctivitis infection.

The Bottom Line

Your gym apparel requires constant changing and frequent washing. So, when you are back from a session, ensure to take off your gym clothes and pop them into the washing machine. It would be ideal for keeping extra pairs for the next day.

This way, you cannot risk having bacterial or fungal infections. Indeed, if you don’t change your gym clothes after a workout, you will risk inflammation of your skin. Moreover, the sweaty smell will keep lingering on your body and the clothes for a long time.

You should remember to take your gym clothes off before taking a rest!


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