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What is Sleep Regression?

What is sleep regression? This condition is often associated with certain developmental milestones in a baby’s life. These milestones include cutting teeth, crawling, and speaking in words. They’re also taking in more of the world, which can make sleep a challenge. Sleep regression often occurs at these milestones, and parents often wonder what causes it. There are many possible causes, but it can be a combination of many factors.



First, your child might cry more at bedtime or at other times during the day. It can also cause problems falling asleep and settling. Your child may also become upset or fussier upon waking from sleep. While sleep regression may be a short-term problem, it is likely to pass once your child reaches the age of one. If your child’s sleep regression lasts for more than a month, you should see a pediatrician. Your doctor will be able to identify the underlying cause and give you advice on how to help your child return to a healthy sleep routine.



Sometimes, teething can cause sleep regression. This is the time when your baby is developing their language skills. They will start talking at a very young age and may be resisting naptime or bedtime altogether. This is a common developmental issue, and it’s important to know how to deal with it before it becomes a problem. A baby’s sleep problems can also be caused by other things such as hunger or teething mhtspace

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