What is a Typical Day Like in IT Help Desk Support Roles?

For anyone who is looking to enter the world of information technology, a career in an IT help desk support role could be the perfect fit. The IT support role involves helping colleagues who are not always the most technical. The average day at an IT help desk can see over 200 tickets closed. In fact, Bates Interactive reported that its help desks closed 210 tickets in one day. As with many IT jobs, the length of the day will depend on the person’s work style.

An IT help desk employee will review a customer’s ticket to identify the cause of the problem and provide the most appropriate solution. This may involve reproducing the problem and verifying it. They will also communicate clearly with the client, avoiding confusion. An IT help desk employee’s role may be to explain the problem in the best way possible to a programmer, rather than rushing through it.

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Although an IT help desk support role is not an entry-level role, it may offer a more rewarding career path. In addition to providing technical support, helpdesk technicians work under pressure and may handle difficult issues. A college degree or other specialized training in computer and networking technologies can help you progress faster. You can also take short courses from manufacturers or get specialised qualifications. You can pursue a Microsoft 365 Certified Professional or obtain a Modern Apprenticeship in Digital Applications Support. A diploma in Digital Applications Support at SCQF Level 6 will enable you to become a skilled IT professional.

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