Traveling to Dubai During COVID

Those who travel to Dubai during Covid should take certain precautions when driving and sightseeing in the emirate. While violent crime is rare, petty crime does exist. Drivers should not leave personal items out in the open and lock their doors and windows. Also, cybercriminals are a growing threat, and they often target public Wi-Fi networks. They attempt to harvest personal information and request funds transfer.

Those who are concerned about the health risks of the Covid disease should book their hotel accommodations as early as possible. Many hotels and restaurants are only accepting a limited number of visitors because of the disease. While traveling to Dubai, travelers should wear masks and gloves and sanitize their luggage before leaving their hotels. Avoid crowded areas and base your trip around fun outdoor activities. If you’re worried about catching Covid, check out the Safe Travel Map.

When traveling to Dubai during COVID, passengers from certain countries must get COVID-19 vaccination tests before entering the UAE. Passengers arriving in Dubai should obtain a negative COVID-19 PCR test within 48 hours after sample collection. Passengers must also comply with entry visa requirements. However, passengers with the symptoms of COVID may be allowed entry if they follow the guidelines for the Health Authority of the Emirate of Dubai.

If you travel to Dubai during Covid, there are some special rules that you need to follow. You should take a PCR test before entering the city. A PCR test is reliable and takes just one day, but you should consult with your travel agency for additional guidelines. The PCR test results can be used for entry into Dubai once you reach the destination airport. You should also ensure that your travel plans will allow you to carry a valid COVID certificate.

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