How to Select a Beach Wedding Venue: A Guide

Selecting a venue for a gorgeous wedding requires patience and careful planning. Each location has pros and cons to help one deduce what they like the best. Meanwhile, Sydney has the best weather to conduct a wedding in several areas without hassle. Besides, with the presence of over 100 beaches in the area, the capital city of NSW is one of the best places to host a beach wedding. And one can select beach wedding venues in Sydney after looking at permits, space, accessibility and other options to help their guests attend and watch the ceremony without trouble.

Since a beach wedding has different requirements from a regular indoor one, one must prepare beforehand to ensure everything falls into place and the guests feel comfortable in the venue. And here are some tips on choosing the location and setting everything up before the wedding.

Selecting the Area

Knowing the beach beforehand helps one select the best area for the ceremony. It ensures proper space planning to help seat the guests and not keep the ceremony too close to the water. Besides, most people enjoy staying a little far from the water since it’s the view that matters. One must also locate an empty part of the beach to reduce crowding possibilities and invite selected guests only.

Taking care of permits in Sydney is necessary to ensure one does not face issues on the wedding day. So, select a clean area with less sand to help the quick movement of the wedding planners, guests, and servers. Also, plan the arches, furniture, and other materials beforehand to ensure it does not exceed the chosen space.


The subtle decor is always a classy pick for a beach wedding venue since it helps accentuate the background and visualisation. Meanwhile, guests enjoy sweet natural colours and decorations compared to heavy decor since it isn’t an indoor wedding. One can plan transparent curtains or cloth over the long beams that help structure the flowers. Ensure they are tightly jammed to the ground and aren’t affected by strong winds. Meanwhile, Sydney’s ecstatic beaches make decoration easier.

So, choose an area with comparatively more boulders to break the wind earlier. Do not select flowy lightweight decoration that flies and creates a mess not just in the chosen area but even in nearby places. Moreover, you may add realistic fake decor to give them weight, which does not rot throughout the ceremony and looks beautiful in pictures.


One cannot simply choose chairs and tables like a regular indoor wedding in this case. So, select sturdy chairs to ensure they do not create a mess on the beach and occupy little space. Since seating several individuals can be difficult on a beach, calling select individuals is absolutely necessary for the ceremony. Besides, a close-circle wedding is always the best option.

One can find many beach wedding venues in Sydney to suit their seating needs, whether in sand or grass. Professional venue management teams can help one find a location in Sydney based on the number of guests arriving. And it is best to use white or brown chairs to match the location’s aesthetics and create a scenic view for gorgeous pictures.

Resort or Beach?

Many people like conducting their weddings in a nearby resort for epic views. It also creates almost no mess to clean later and helps people navigate better, and it is less risky and easier to handle. So, choose a resort for a better decoration strategy and privacy since one can handle tree hangings and other alternatives here.

Beach weddings on the sand are glamorous and super romantic. One must prepare ahead of time to find a suitable dress, inform guests, and other issues for a smooth ride. Also, add massive stands and decorations for an authentic wedding ceremony overlooking the calm shores. It is advisable to get microphones for music and speaking to guests since it could get windy.

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