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In the Arizona Republic, obituaries are written about people who have passed away. One such person was Joseph Edgar LOGSDON, who died at the age of 81. Arrangements were made by Mortensen-Kings Funeral Home. The family is in Arizona

The Arizona State Archives, which maintain the state’s largest collection of newspapers, are a valuable source for finding obituaries. The archive offers more than 70,000 obituaries. Users can search by name or text to locate a person’s obituary

If you live in Arizona, you can access a full list of deceased people in the state by using the Arizona Republic’s obituaries. The newspaper covers the metropolitan Phoenix area and the areas around Loop 202 South Mountain. In case you don’t have the newspaper, you can try other sources.

The Arizona Republic obituaries list the following people: Elizabeth Northcutt was born in California and married John Ely on June 6, 1886. He had previously been the editor of the Hutchinson Democrat and held several important public positions in Kansas. After the marriage, Ely settled in Arizona where he became the secretary-treasurer of the Hudson Reservoir Company, which owned the Roosevelt Dam site. He was also a special secretary to three governors

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