Different Kind Of Pigeon Supplies You Need

If you want to raise pigeons, you need certain supplies. This article outlines the different kinds of pigeon supplies you will need to raise your birds and keep them healthy successfully.

Pigeon breeding box

A pigeon breeding box is a small cage where you can keep pigeons. You can use it to keep pigeons and their young ones. The space should be enough for them to move around freely, but not so much that they may hurt themselves on a wall or other furniture in the room.

Pigeon breeding boxes are available in different sizes and shapes depending on the number of birds you need to accommodate at one time and the size of your loft or building roof where you will place it. In addition to providing shelter for your pigeons, do not forget about food. Pigeons need a constant water supply and a feeder with seed mix so they won’t go hungry while you’re away!

Water containers

Water containers are a necessity for pigeons. You must clean out these containers regularly, so they don’t get messy and full of bacteria. To help keep things tidy, it’s also a good idea to have covers on your water containers so that the birds can drink without dropping any debris into them.

Food bins and feeders

Alibaba food bins and feeders will be best for feeding them. What’s important is that the container is large enough to hold the bird seed you want to store but small enough for your birds to reach in and out of it easily.

Coop with a roof or covered cage

Pigeons need a place to live, sleep and rest. They also need a place where they can eat, drink and play. Finally, you will want to provide the right kind of environment for your pigeons so that they can lay eggs. A coop or loft is the best option for keeping your bird in one place. You should look at coops with roofs or covered cages as these offer good protection from the elements and predators.

A nest with a roof

A nest with a roof is a great way to keep your pigeons warm, dry, and protected. A nest with a roof is also known as an umbrella nest. The roof will protect them from rain and snow, so they don’t get wet or cold when it rains or snows while sitting on their eggs in the nest.

Egg incubator

An egg incubator is a device that helps you incubate eggs or hatch them. Your goal, of course, is to reproduce your flock so you can expand it. An egg incubator keeps the temperature warm enough for the chicks to hatch from their eggs. Once they start hatching, which takes about 30 days, you’ll need a brooder unit and feeders so that all those little fluff balls can eat and grow strong before they’re ready to fly away on their own.


We hope you have found this post helpful as a beginner in raising pigeons. You can get all the supplies for pigeons mentioned above from Alibaba.

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